New Bing Webmaster Tools Features For SEOs And Webmasters

Yesterday at SMX Advanced, Bing has launched revamped version of Bing Webmaster Tools with new interface and improved features. In this new update you can find Link Explorer (beta) and SEO Analyzer/SEO Reports (beta), and updates to current tools such as our Keyword Research Tool (beta), and our URL Removal Tool, among others.

Bing Webmaster Tools New Look

I’m going to break down new feature or update into a bullet point for easy reading.

  • Link Explorer (beta) – It will allow you to enter a URL and will discover links associated with any domain.
  • SEO Reports (beta) – Bing will generate a bi-monthly SEO reports for all of the domains you have “verified” with Webmaster Tools account. It applies roughly “15 SEO best practices” to generate a report to help you keep all aspects of your site.
  • SEO Analyzer (beta) – Similar to SEO Reports tool, use the same best practices to scan a single URL, allowing a webmaster to drill down into specific areas of their site.
  • Fetch as Bingbot (beta) – This new tool allow a webamster to send a page to Bing’s web-crawler, Bingbot and display it as the bot sees it.
  • Canonical Alerts – A new tool will flag incorrect usage of canonical tags so your website doesn’t get mistaken as one single page.

The following tools have existed but updated as well.

  • URL Removal Tool – Allow webmasters to block appearance of a page in Bing’s search results.
  • Keyword Research Tool – Earlier webmaster able to enter single keyword or phrase per keyword request BUT now webmasters are able to add multiple keywords in a request.
  • URL Normalization Tool – Updated the interface.

Now time to play with new tools…