Seesmic Acquired

Yesterday Seesmic announced that it has acquired This service has more than half a million active users who post daily from various devices just by sending an email, a text message or chat. A list of apps that support can be found here.


Seesmic says that Seesmic applications on Blackberry, Android, Web, Windows and OSX via Air will all have advanced integration “very shortly,” and will instantly support 50 social networks. Users will be able to update not only with the apps they are used to, but also with’s email, sms and chat gateways, the company says.

“ is compatible with every single Internet device in the world, which why it has become so successful among thousands of users,” says Seesmic. “Try using chat to update Twitter, and you’ll find it direct and seamless as you can post updates from gtalk, aim or skype through It’s so simple and amazing, and it’s always on.”